Election 2022

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Candidates’ unredacted responses to Invitations 1 to 7 (and many candidates’ advanced responses to Invitation 8) have been published. Summaries of candidates’ responses to Invitations 1 to 7 are also available.


The municipal election for the following offices in Prince Edward County will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022:

Office Elected Officers
Mayor One (1) to be elected at large by all electors in The County.
Ward Councilors Ward 1 (Picton) – 2 offices
Ward 2 (Bloomfield/Hallowell) – 2 offices
Ward 3 (Wellington) – 1 office
Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) – 3 offices
Ward 5 (Athol) – 1 office
Ward 6 (Sophiasbsurgh) – 1 office
Ward 7 (Hillier) –1 office
Ward 8 (North Marysburgh) – 1 office
Ward 9 (South Marysburgh) –1 office


As of August 23, 2022, the official list of certified candidates includes four candidates for Mayor (one office) and twenty-nine candidates for Ward Councilor (thirteen offices).


Let’s work together to increase voter turnout over 2018 (43.3%)!

For my part, I’m inviting candidates to share their thoughts on a wide range of timely issues once a week – and hoping they’ll see this as an opportunity to engage with voters in the County.

Check out the Invitations.


Also check out the candidates’ unredacted responses and summaries of their responses.

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