Election 2022

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Candidates’ unredacted responses to Invitations 1  to 5 have been published. Summaries of their responses to Invitations 1 to 4 are also available.

Check back for more updates – including a summary of candidates’ responses to Invitation 5.


The municipal election for the following offices in Prince Edward County will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022:

Office Elected Officers
Mayor One (1) to be elected at large by all electors in The County.
Ward Councilors Ward 1 (Picton) – 2 offices
Ward 2 (Bloomfield/Hallowell) – 2 offices
Ward 3 (Wellington) – 1 office
Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) – 3 offices
Ward 5 (Athol) – 1 office
Ward 6 (Sophiasbsurgh) – 1 office
Ward 7 (Hillier) –1 office
Ward 8 (North Marysburgh) – 1 office
Ward 9 (South Marysburgh) –1 office


As of August 23, 2022, the official list of certified candidates includes four candidates for Mayor (one office) and twenty-nine candidates for Ward Councilor (thirteen offices).


Let’s work together to increase voter turnout over 2018 (43.3%)!

For my part, I’m inviting candidates to share their thoughts on a wide range of timely issues once a week – and hoping they’ll see this as an opportunity to engage with voters in the County.

Check out the Invitations.


Check out the candidates’ unredacted responses and summaries of their responses.

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