Summary of Candidate Responses to Invitation 1

Invitation 1

With the aim of increasing voter turnout in the upcoming municipal election, candidates for Mayor and Ward Councilor in Prince Edward County are being invited to share their thoughts on a wide range of issues once a week.

Candidates received Invitation 1 on August 24, 2022 and were asked to share their thoughts by August 29, 2022. Candidate responses were published here and on Facebook on August 31, 2022.

Candidate Responses 1

The County’s official list of certified candidates includes 4 candidates for Mayor (1 office) and 29 candidates for Ward Councilor (13 offices in 9 Wards). Eight incumbents are seeking re-election, including the Mayor and 7 Councilors.

Responses to Invitation 1 were received from 18 candidates overall (54.5%), including 2 candidates for Mayor (50%) and 16 candidates for Councilor (55.2%). Five incumbents (62.5%), including the Mayor and 4 Councilors (57.1%), responded. Other candidates showed an interest in the process and may join later.

See also the candidates’ unredacted responses.

Summary 1

County residency

Candidates were asked, “For how many years have you resided in the County?” Their responses are summarized in Table 1:

Table 1. County residency.
County residency Respondents Percent
Under 10 yrs 3 16.7%
10 to 19 yrs 3 16.7%
20 to 29 yrs 4 22.2%
30+ yrs 8 44.4%
Total 18 100.0%

Membership on municipal bodies

Candidates were asked to identify their memberships on any body associated with the municipal government in the County during the previous and current terms of Council. We have grouped memberships into broader, related areas of responsibility and collapsed across previous and current terms of Council. Candidates’ memberships in these groups over this period are summarized in Table 2:

Table 2. Membership on municipal bodies (Fall 2014 to present).
1 “Environment” reflects membership on the Environmental Advisory Committee, Quinte Waste Solutions, and/or Quinte Conservation Executive Board. 2 “Heritage” reflects membership on the Heritage Advisory Committee, the Museum Advisory Committee, and/or the Cemetery Advisory Committee. 3 “Community & economic development” reflects membership on the Community & Economic Development Commmission and/or the Visit the County Destination Marketing and Management Board.
Membership on municipal bodies Respondents Percent
Environment 1 5 27.8%
Heritage 2 5 27.8%
Agriculture 4 22.2%
Audit 4 22.2%
Community & economic development 3 4 22.2%
Recreation 4 22.2%
Nominating 2 11.1%
Traffic 2 11.1%
Accessibility 1 5.6%
Police 1 5.6%
Social services 1 5.6%

Volunteering in the County

Candidates were asked to identify their memberships in not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations associated with the County during the current term of Council. Areas of volunteering most frequently identified by candidates are summarized in Table 3:

Table 3. Areas of volunteering.
Areas of volunteering  Respondents Percent
Children & families 4 22.2%
Agriculture 3 16.7%
Food insecurity 3 16.7%
Arts 2 11.1%
Women 2 11.1%
None 10 55.6%

Tension between “old” and “new” residents

Candidates were asked “How do you understand talk of tension between ‘old’ and ‘new’ residents in the County?” Four candidates (22.2%) found the question to be potentially divisive, a mere distraction, or had no comment. Four candidates (22.2%) hadn’t experienced this sort of tension in the County. Ten candidates (55.5%) shared their experiences and thoughts about it.

Regardless of their responses to this question, candidates expressed nearly no concern that tension between ‘old’ and ‘new’ residents in the County influences Council’s agenda or decisions (Table 4).

Table 4. Influence of any tension between “old” and “new” residents on Council.
Tension influences Council’s agenda Respondents Percent
Strongly disagree/disagree 7 38.9%
Neither disagree or agree 8 44.4%
Agree/strongly agree 1 5.6%
NA 2 11.1%
Tension influences Council’s decisions Respondents Percent
Strongly disagree/disagree 8 44.4%
Neither disagree or agree 7 38.9%
Agree/strongly agree 1 5.6%
NA 2 11.1%

Many candidates had thoughts about the role they saw for themselves in addressing any tension between “old” and “new” residents in the County.

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