Candidate Responses to Invitation 1

Invitation 1

With the aim of increasing voter turnout in the upcoming municipal election, candidates for Mayor and Ward Councilor in Prince Edward County are being invited to share their thoughts on a wide range of issues once a week.

Candidates received Invitation 1 on August 24, 2022 and were asked to share their thoughts by August 29, 2022. Candidate responses were published here and on Facebook on August 31, 2022.

Candidate Responses 1

The County’s official list of certified candidates includes 4 candidates for Mayor (1 office) and 29 candidates for Ward Councilor (13 offices in 9 Wards). Eight incumbents are seeking re-election, including the Mayor and 7 Councilors.

Responses to Invitation 1 were received from 18 candidates overall (54.5%), including 2 candidates for Mayor (50%) and 16 candidates for Councilor (55.2%). Five incumbents (62.5%), including the Mayor and 4 Councilors (57.1%), responded. Other candidates showed an interest in the process and may join later.

You may access a summary and candidate responses:

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