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We wanted to follow-up on The Picton Gazette’s (November 30, 2022, pp. 2, 5; online) initial report regarding proposals to install battery energy storage systems (BESS) in three locations in the County.

  1. Two limited partnerships (Picton BESS and Solar Flow-Through Funds) face a deadline of February 16, 2023 to submit their proposals to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) under an Expedited Long Term (E-LT1) procurement process.
  2. Solar Flow-Through Funds (SFF) has announced a public meeting to discuss its proposals December 15, 2022. (Picton BESS held its public meeting on December 6, 2022.)
  3. Submissions will be scored more favourably with – but don’t require – formal support of Council.

The facility being proposed by Picton BESS is an order-of-magnitude larger than the two facilities being proposed by SFF.
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Picton BESS

The Picton Gazette’s initial report focused on a proposal to install a 300 mega-watt (MW) lithium-ion battery storage system on County Road 5 in Prince Edward. The Picton BESS is a proposal under development by Picton BESS LLP, a limited partnership that includes Compass Renewable Energy Consulting Inc. and Capstone Infrastructure Corporation. The partnership gave notice and met with the public to discuss its proposal on December 6, 2022. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the project’s website.

Location of Picton-BESS (source:, accessed December 9, 2022).
Figure 1. Location of Picton-BESS (source:, accessed December 9, 2022).

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Solar Flow-Through Funds

Solar Flow-Through Funds (SFF) is a group of limited partnerships, including Abundant Solar Energy Inc. (ASE). SFF is proposing to install 3 mega-watt (MW) lithium-ion battery energy storage systems (BESS) at each of two locations:

  1. 570 Mowbray Rd., Prince Edward County
  2. Pt Lot 2-3 East Concession of East Lake, Athol

SFF has given notice of a public meeting to discuss its proposals on December 15, 2022.

Figure 2. Solar Flow-Through Fund BESS, 570 Mowbray Rd., Prince Edward County, accessed December 9, 2022.


Solar Flow-Through Fund BESS Map 02, accessed December 9, 2022.
Figure 3. Solar Flow-Through Fund BESS, Pt Lot 2-3 East Concession of East Lake, Athol, accessed December 9, 2022.

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