I Am Your People, We Are Our People – Dr. Niigan Sinclair

On November 12, 2019, Dr. Niiganwewidam Sinclair spoke to a gathering at St. Mary Magdalene United Church in Picton, Ontario on “The Memorialization of Sir John A. Macdonald.” Dr. Sinclair spoke for about an hour and answered questions from the audience for another half hour. Dr. Sinclair has kindly agreed to our publishing and transcribing […]

Deputation of Paul Allen to PEC Council, November 26, 2019

Paul Allen: Good evening, Mr. Mayor and Councillors. Paul Allen: I want to thank you all first for giving me an opportunity this evening to share my concerns about the municipality’s plan to re-install the Macdonald “Holding Court” statue on Picton Main Street in the near future, as I understand it. I also wanted to […]