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Letter to the Editor, The Wellington Times, September 4, 2019.

With great interest and deep concern, I read the article, Digging deep, in the August 29, 2019 edition of The Times. The article had to do with the proposal of a company, in the farming and construction industries, to remove and then replace topsoil in an area beside Ridge Road. Currently, the soil supports an asparagus farm owned by the same company.

I am not a geologist, nor would I profess to know a great deal about the issue presented, it does seem to me, however, to be a risky business removing the sand from under the existing soil with the intent of place the topsoil back on an area that houses the water table. Even though I am a lay person as far as hydrogeology is concerned, I cannot help but think that four things will be the result: One, the replaced soil will be soggy and unusable; Two, there will be another “lake” next to the one that already exists; Three, the water table will be disturbed and rendered useless, not only for the owners but also for residents along the line, and Four, Ontario will lose another piece of prime agricultural land. This last point is the most important.

I am happy to see the council has deferred the matter for further consideration. It would seem advisable to have this whole matter studied rigorously before coming to any final conclusion.

Robert O. Scrivens

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