Comment of Carlin Thompson to PEC Council, November 26, 2019

My name is CarlinThompson. I’m speaking to Deputation 7.4 – in support of it. I am an educator. I’ve worked in an Indigenous community for a number of years. My niece lives in Prince Edward County and she is an Indigenous girl. I am concerned about what glorifying characters of history like John A. Macdonald means for her. To your point of sanitizing history, I don’t believe it’s sanitizing history. I believe what Mr. Allen is suggesting is that we present a clearer picture of history that doesn’t negate the experiences of our Indigenous people. Something else that was mentioned, talking about engaging our community partners, Indigenous people in our communities. But it’s more than just that. It’s also engaging residents of Prince Edward County and being an example for other communities, perhaps, where Indigenous people … Look, Indigenous people should be safe, across Canada, that it’s not just about who lives here, it’s about who lives in North America, on Turtle Island. And, Prince Edward County should not sanitize our history, but present a full picture. Thank you.

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