Comment of Annette McIntosh to PEC Council, November 26, 2019

Hello, my name is Nat McIntosh. I’m speaking to Item 7.4, Paul Allen’s deputation that Council should defer the re-installation of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue until there’s been further opportunity for residents in the County to learn of this pending change in our common space, and to share their perspectives with Council. I thank Paul Allen for his deputation. I agree with what he has to say and I support his deputation. I came here tonight because of a November 14th Gazette article entitled “Macdonald’s statue sparks reconciliation dialogue” written by Sarah Williams. Dr. Niigan Sinclair, an Indigenous writer, educator, and advocate, and columnist for The Winnipeg Free Press, spoke at an event hosted by the County Library helps beginning xxxx broader exploration of Sir John A. Macdonald’s legacy, given the imminent resurrection of this familiar statue to be placed in the Library forecourt by month’s end. What Dr. Sinclair said xxx to me in the article and I quote, “After the event, Dr. Sinclair spoke with the Gazette. He stated that I just had a group of probably a dozen people all agree – most of them not Indigenous – saying that they don’t feel safe with that statue around, because it’s a reminder of the perpetrator of genocide. Sinclair argued that it is up to us to re-contextualize Macdonald’s actions within a broader historical context for the sake of future generations. He stated, “Our children watch us and look to see who we hold up. Our children act accordingly, to how we have mentored them into those actions. And, if we hold up someone, who perpetrated genocide, our children will act a certain way, and we shouldn’t be surprised. Or, maybe our children will reject us, and then we’ve created a conflict with our children. Violence is violence is violence. That’s the most straightforward thing can say,” concluded Dr. Sinclair. Doesn’t that say it all? It does to me. I hope Council supports Paul Allen’s deputation. Thank you.

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